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02.14.06 – We were surprised this year when 2 of our projects placed in PC Gamer’s TOP 10 Romantic Games. At #7, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude and at #8, Dreamstripper, for which we provided all animation services, from pre-production to game ready moves. Read more here.

10.25.05 – Red Eye Studio delivered the performance animation for cinemas and in game footage for Stubbs The Zombie developed by Wideload Games. Find out more about the “deadly fun” Stubbs The Zombie here.

08.11.05 – Red Eye Studio delivered the performance animation for cinemas and in game footage for Charlie And The Chocolate Factory game developed by High Voltage Software. Red Eye Studio also threw one sweet party to celebrate its release. See the party pics here.

05.11.04 – Red Eye Studio delivered the performance animation for characters in the Call of Duty: Finest Hour trailer that Activision unveiled at E3. See Demo Here.

05.01.04 – Dave Chappelle thrashes through the streets of hard knocks in Skate Bored. Red Eye Studio captured the motion and delivered game ready animations to make this project happen. What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP! Play the game at Comedy Central here.

10.29.03 – Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer for the XBOX is in stores now. The motion capture for this exciting sequel to the original Hunter was shot earlier this year at Red Eye Studio, and has allowed High Voltage Software to add a new level of realism to gameplay and cinematics.

10.28.03 – Red Eye Studio announced today that it has completed principle motion capture for the next installment in the best-selling Leisure Suit Larry TM franchise, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. Check out the Press Release here.

10.22.03 – We just wrapped up our new promo spot for Artimation 2003, an animation and media festival that we sponsor every year. Click on the thumbnail image to see the video.

10.20.03 – Disney’s Haunted Mansion is in stores now! Every ghoulish and ghostly bit of motion capture for this game was shot in our studio, allowing gamers to solve puzzles, uncover hidden clues and put evil spirits to rest, as they navigate through Disney’s world famous Haunted Mansion.

10.20.03 – Hunter The Reckoning: Wayward for the Playstation 2 has hit store shelves. Red Eye Studio captured every intense monster slashing action for this newest installment of Hunter, now exclusively available for PS2.

09.29.03 – Join our ever-growing community of artists, animators, developers, and designers. The Red Eye Forum is a great place to learn tips, share ideas, lend support, and win kick-ass prizes!

07.21.03 – At Siggraph this year, Red Eye will be demonstrating its first RE:MOTION TM release “BACK TO BASICS” at our booth (#1722), as well as showcasing our realtime pre-viz concepts at the Vicon booth (#1749).
06.03.03 – Haunted Mansion was awarded the “Best of Show” for platform games at E3 by Daily Game. Red Eye captured all of the character animation for this upcoming game based on the movie. Check out the article here.
05.30.03 – NBA Inside Drive was awarded the “Best of Show” for basketball games at E3 by Gamer’s Pulse. Red Eye captured all of the character animation for this title. Check out the article here.
05.23.03 – Haunted Mansion has been announced by TDK and High Voltage Software. All motion capture for this spooky title was shot at Red Eye Studio. Check out the Press Release.
04.08.03 - The Japanese broadband news show KNN did a piece on our booth at NAB this year. You can check it out here.
03.05.03 – Red Eye releases its new Spring 2003 Demo CD-ROM in conjunction with the launch of the newest version of this site. If you are interested in getting a copy of our Demo, please don’t hesitate to email us at

02.24.03 – Interplay has announced both Hunter: The Reckoning – Wayward for the PS2 and Hunter: The Reckoning – Redeemer for the XBOX, which is the sequel to the action packed original.

Redeemer Press Release. Wayward Press Release.

02.05.03 – The Chicago Rush premiered their new intro animation at their first game today! The entire animation was created at Red Eye. Check it out here. (Quicktime Required).
01.26.03 - WGN’s sportscaster Mike Barr came by to get a motion capture demo, and challenge Ronnie Fields to a little one-on-one. Check out the news footage here. (Quicktime Required).
01.15.03 – Discreet has selected Red Eye Studio’s action packed motion capture for incusion with their newly released Character Studio 4 Software. Find our moves on the Character Studio “Tutorials and Samples” CD-ROM, under the “bips” folder.
10.22.02 – Red Eye Studio hosts the IGDA Chicago Chapter Meeting, with a presentation by Denny Thorely, President of Day 1 Studios, and the unveiling of Character Studio 4 by Discreet’s Adam Holmes. Check out the Press Release here.

06.28.02 – Wolf Tactics MOCAP done at Red Eye Studio.

Press Release.

05.08.02 – Red Eye Studio goes MOBILE on ICE.
02.26.02 – Red Eye Studio showcases the new Softimage XSI v.2.0 in full live action. We hosted the launch event at Red Eye Studio.